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Renderyard Film Network

Renderyard is a new online video sharing and sales platform for filmmakers who want to share and

sell their movies online. You can share and sell as many of your own films as you like with no setup

costs. We offer all content providers a free to use Video On Demand service.

In exchange we split each films sale with the filmmaker 70/30. We provide a transparent payment

system that lets you see how much money each video has earned. Each time a movie is rented or

bought from your account you receive an instant realtime payment. So no more waiting to get paid

for your work. Once you have started using Renderyard, you can always upgrade to a

premium account and watch our vast movie collection of feature film titles from around the world.


Filmmakers Connect

One of the best features of Renderyard is our online network of over 6000+ users and growing.

Once you have become a member its easy to connect with other users and leave comments and

messages. This is where you can connect with other filmmakers in our film network. Unlike other

video sharing platforms Renderyard is designed specifically for filmmakers, animators and

visual artists. This means that our video platfrom is filled with users that will critique your work

and help you master your art.


Filmmaker Profile
The first step when you get started with Renderyard is to create an account and link it to

your Pay Pal account. This way you can get paid instantly for your video rentals and online sales

and subscriptions of your movies. If you choose to make your film available for free viewing you

will also receive 70% of the video advertising that runs during your films. Once you have created a

profile you can share your work with the world by embeding your video on your own web site

and linking to it on all social networks. Renderyard has over 10,000+ social followers and over

6,000+ web site users so you will also get recognition on our film network from all our members.

There are some important terms and conditions for the profit sharing video model we use that

we advise you to read before uploading your videos. This will give you a clear understanding of

how Renderyard makes it possible for your great work to be recognized by your peers

and your bank account.


Online Film Festival
We host regular online film competitions and your movies are shared with our worldwide

online auidence. Renderyard is like watching an international film festival designed for

independent filmmakers and visual artists. Simply set up a free account and begin entering

our competitions by uploading your videos. The more you win the more your work will be

recognized by other members on the web site.


Free Films Online

Renderyard has thousands of movies and short films to watch online for free. Simply choose

from any of our film categories that include Movies, Short Films, Documentary, Horror, Series

and Animation to start watching them immediately.


Video On Demand

Renderyard offers thousands of movies that are available to watch and buy for online and

download use. Filmmakers can choose from four seprate online distribution models to sell

there films which include Free - AVOD, Rent - VOD, Buy - DTO and Subscription - SVOD.


Premium Movies
For a small monthly charge of $5 you can increase your movie collection by watching our

Premium Movies. We add a brand new movie to our collection each week so you can binge

watch as many movies as you like with no advert breaks when ever you like. Once your work

begins to be recognized by the Renderyard filmmaking community a premium account will allow

you to showcase your larger movie projects. This is probably the best reason to upgrade to the

premium account with Renderyard.


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