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Martian Trailer

Added on :  12-Sep-2017
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Uploaded by :  mastar
For the trio of MARTIAN, TERRA and CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS - the Mission couldn't be anymore dangerous: Escort Warship DARK EXECUTIONER to rendezvous point - THE BARLONS. Easier said then done for a vessel already attacked by a space dragon, and nearly stolen by space pirates. Luckily, the group receives a much needed helping hand. Dispatched on a hunch by Nymphalidean PRIME MINISTER ZARA to greet Warship DE at THE BARLONS, are - SFC - KREESA LIS and the BUTTERFLY BRIGADE. But when DARK EXECUTIONER comes under attack from deadly cyborg DATA MINER and a quartet of KILOBOTS, an all out fight for survival begins.

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