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How to Light - Using Umbrella Lighting Kit (Part 1) Sony Vegas 14

Added on :  26-Aug-2017
Views :  317
Uploaded by :  Meoshabean1
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Filmmaker actress Meosha Bean gives her tips how she lights scenes My opinion everyone does lighting and Iso settings everyone has there method :) Go out and have fun! enjoy ! make sure you subscribe website -- http://meoshabean.com/ email us bambeano16@gmail.com business inquires and collabs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment used : 18 / 24 /35 / 55 mm lens light kit LIGHT KIT: Two x 7 Ft Light Stand PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING: Three x AC Adapter 2 x PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING: Three x 45 watt fluorescent bulbs amazon link -- https://www.amazon.com/Fancierstudio-Umbrella-Lighting-Professional-Photography/dp/B003Y31FHC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Softboxes and umbrellas are two of the most frequently used light modifiers, and both work to soften and diffuse light by spreading the initial beam to create a larger light source. Both of these modification tools are generally portable solutions that can be adapted to a range of light types, from external camera flashes to the most powerful studio flash packs.

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