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Fighters Ballad Trailer [HD]

Added on :  7-Oct-2015
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Uploaded by :  Mark Reid

Full Trailer for UK Independent Feature film release Sept 23rd 2014 "The Fighter's Ballad" The story begins with a world-weary priest (Clive Russell) carrying out his mundane daily duties to a dwindling congregation. A violent, desperate man (Peter Cadwell) breaks into the church and begins a heavyweight bout of soul-searching and redemption, reflecting and refracting the anxiety and anger of contemporary society. Pre-order DVD http://bit.ly/Fighters-Ballad-DVD OFFICIAL SELECTION CORNWALL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2011, AND LONDON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL 2012 NOMINATED FOR BEST DIRECTOR, PEOPLES AWARD AND REVELATION AWARD, AND WINNER OF BEST FEATURE FILM, BEST SCREENPLAY, BEST ACTOR (Peter Cadwell) JOHN PAUL II FILM FESTIVAL 2012

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