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Fitness-5 Minute Workout Song- Move That Body

Added on :  22-Jan-2012
Views :  3683
Uploaded by :  cipherkam
This is that hot new workout song for those who love to workout with tight music while they get and keep their bodies tight. "Work that Body" has that electro house and dance sound with a little bit of hip hop soul and a few nice break downs and beat drops. The lyrics help to get and keep you going!

Move that body!

3x That's that work right there
you got that work right there

Move ya body towards your goal
move ya body cause you know you got soul
Move ya body yo keep it fit
and don't you ever quit
let's go!

3x That's that work right there
you got that work right there

Move that body! by Kamal Imani

Download on Bandcamp!

Itunes and cdbaby 2/1/12

c2012 Kamal Move Ya Body
RevolutionaryArt/BlessTheMic Media

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